Abraham Joffre

"...it is my duty as the Peruvian proud that I am, to educate, support and design the most unique adventures."

Why did you decide to start leading experiential travel tours?

I decided to lead experiential travel tours and use my expertise to spread my love for Peru and create positive impact through travel. Being passionate about my country and a travel enthusiast from a very young age has led me to explore all the regions of Peru. After countless journeys, I realized we have unique adventures for every kind of traveler and it is my duty as the Peruvian proud that I am, to educate, support and design the most unique adventures.

What do you hope to gain from showing people your environment and culture?

Sustainable development! I believe that, done right, tourism can definitely help us build a better world. As ambassador of my country, I hope that our activity benefits everyone involved in the travel community including local people, co-workers and business partners as well the environment.

What are you most excited to share with tourists?

In addition to our natural wonders, cultural heritage, and ancient history, I'm really excited to share with travelers our ultimate experiences co-designed with renowned local hosts including top chefs, art collectors, textile experts, archaeologists, awarded athletes and much more!

What fears do you have about making your land and lifestyle more public?

None really! I’m passionate about promoting the hidden treasures of my country amongst travelers who seek the authentic essence of each destination.

What specifically about your culture/history/environment would be beneficial for a traveler to learn about before taking their trip?

Pack for a trip of a lifetime! Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Thanks to its unique geography, it has a desert coast, a majestic mountain range and a rich jungle. You can watch the sunset from the Paracas National Reserve located at the coast, make a payment to the earth ceremony with a shaman in a lagoon in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and sail on a luxury cruise in the mythical Amazon river.

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