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At Earthtones, we believe that tourism — when implemented thoughtfully and intentionally — can be a force for regeneration in the world: regenerative to local economic,social, and ecological systems. Partnering with individuals, guides, and communities rich in natural capital — from farmers to community land trusts and ranches — we're co-creating a network of local-powered, immersive nature experiences.
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Lucas recommends Earthtones
Nov 2019
Brophy. Legend. He planned our entire trip to Bali, Indonesia, during the summer of 2018. Deep in the forest of Ubud, atop the beautiful southern coast of Uluwatu, and sprawled along the quiet beaches of Lovina, we covered it all. His ability to interact with the locals facilitated an experience unlike any journey I've embarked on. We found ourselves in the most scenic landscapes, surrounded by wonderful people, in such an energetically powerful place. To this day, when I start thinking of what my next journey will be, Broph will be the first person I speak to. I would do it all again 1,000 times over. Thank you for your exceptional service! Namasteread more
Corey recommends Earthtones
Nov 2019
We couldn't have been luckier to have Broph as our guide through Ireland and Iceland. An unbelievably high touch service provider, he curated everything and planned it all perfectly. Brophy's ability to navigate through tourist traps to give you a taste of the underlying culture and an appreciation for the "way-out-there" places (he and I trekked an Icelandic fjord on a whim to find a snowmelt swimming pool at the top) is second to none. Beyond his services as an agent, his love of travel is infectious. Do yourself the favor and set up a booking.
Will recommends Earthtones
Nov 2019
Brophy helped us plan a trip to Nepal to trek up to Everest Base Camp. Having never done a real trek outside of the US, I was worried about finding a legitimate / safe guide for our long trip. Brophy killed it and found an unbelievable sherpa that made sure our trip went seamlessly. On top of that, he perfectly set up our travel and lodging in an otherwise confusing and overwhelming foreign country. Can't say thank you enough
Alex recommends Earthtones
Nov 2019
Had a trip planned by Brophy through Ireland and Iceland over the course of a couple weeks. Had a blast seeing and experiencing some the best parts of both countries and barely had to worry about logistics/details at all! Would 100% have him handle my next trip wherever I was going
Wiley recommends Earthtones
Nov 2019
Brophy planned an awesome trip to Colombia for us. He did all of the necessary due diligence for us to have the perfect experience in such a remote but beautiful destination. We stayed with a family native to the Colombian Amazon for a week, which was truly life changing. I would go back in a heartbeat.
Scott recommends Earthtones
Nov 2019
Brophy planned an incredible journey for myself and a couple of friends deep into the Amazon rainforest of Colombia. It is necessary to carefully plan this sort of trip as the native indigenous populations have for the most part been out of contact with the outside world. Brophy planned a bespoke itinerary for us and allowed us the experience of going somewhere very few people have ever been. Would highly recommend living with the Ticuna in the Amazon, and Brophy has the connections and knowledge to ensure an amazing experience and a trip of a lifetime.
David recommends Earthtones
Nov 2019
Brophy planned an amazing trip for me and my friends to visit Nepal and make the trek up to Everest Bass Camp. As mostly first-time adventurers, Brophy ensured that every aspect of the trip was taken care of from travel details and nuances to and from Nepal to and accommodations throughout our journey. Brophy is a quality young guy with tons of experience and I’d recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing experience.