Our mission

To build a more nature-based and harmonious world.

We’re here to start a movement.

Earthtones uses travel to ignite wonder, reverence and stewardship for the natural world.


To connect travelers deeply with nature and expose them to ways of being human that are intimately tied to the natural environment.


To stoke a movement of environmental stewardship, wilderness conservation, and planetary regeneration.


To harness low-volume, immersive tourism to drive sustainable economic development in nature-rich communities — building resilient rural economies that celebrate and protect nature and culture.

Our purpose

We see our modern culture devouring wilderness, biodiversity, and nature-based cultures at an alarming rate.

We’re in business to change our relationship to the natural world. To use travel as a tool that enriches eyes with newfound perspectives, fosters reverence for the natural world, and seeds stewards driven to heal our relationship with our home planet.

The problem

Our modern, technology-driven culture has completely disconnected us from nature. We are isolated from the rest of life.

Our vision

We can rediscover our innate connection to the natural world. We can change our destructive behavior. A more beautiful and sustainable world is possible.

Our solution

We facilitate meaningful experiences designed to empower and protect the natural world through local-first stewardship and deep connection.

Our impact

We seek to leave places better than we found them. We're using our business to stoke a movement of wilderness conservation, environmental stewardship, and the revitalization of nature-based ways of engaging with the world…

Carbon positive

Investing in grassroots, indidgenous forest conservation projects, we are implementing creative and unique offsetting strategies to assure that we are a carbon positive business.

5% for the planet

We dedicate 5% of our profits to the funding of local conservation causes and locally-driven stewardship councils.

The Foundation

The Earthtones Foundation is dedicated to conserving wild places, facilitating impact-driven travel, and educating youth in environmental literacy and cultural sensitivity.

Our model

We are developing a model of tourism that truly benefits the local way of life, protects the land, and celebrates and revitalizes cultural heritage. Every decision we make — from who we partner with to how we operate — is made with this goal in mind.

Local Partners

Our partners are all locally-owned and operated. They must show a commitment to sustainability and to the celebration of land and local ways of life.


We establish “Destination Stewardship Councils”: committees of local leaders gathered to determine the tourism carrying capacity in their land and community, and with full authority over the flow of travelers.


We give rural communities the infrastructure, tools, audience, and support to activate tourism as much as they choose to, and no more. On all matters tourism, the community has the final say.

Want to learn more?

Does our vision for a more connected and nature-based world resonate deeply with you. Do you want to dig deeper and stoke this movement? Here are a few ways to get involved.

Reading List

These books inspired us. They have changed the way we see the world. They may do the same for you.

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Do you yearn for wild places and vastly different perspectives? We’ll immerse you in a world beyond your wildest imagination.

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