Meaningful nature experiences.

Tailor-made trips among the great outdoors.

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to nature.

Earthtones is a regenerative travel co-operative comprised of the world’s leading nature guides, naturalists and travel experts. We facilitate meaningful nature experiences in hopes of inspiring wonder and sparking stewardship for the natural world.

Rich in natural wonder

Our experiences visit and celebrate our planet’s most prolific natural wonders.

Expert designed experiences

Each experience we offer is created by a specialist with years of on-the-ground expertise.

100% tailor-made to your taste

Every Earthtones journey is tailor-made to match your unique travel style.

Special local access

Unique access unlocked and exclusively shared by local gatekeepers, guardians and guides.

By explorers, for explorers

Partnering with local guides, stewards, and nature-based communities, our nourishing retreats and immersive journeys are designed to immerse you in the wonder and wisdom of nature.


Immersive and soul-stirring adventures into nature. Designed by local legends, stewards, and seasoned guides –– customized to your unique needs, desires, and wildest dreams.

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Nourishing nature retreats, tucked into the wild. Co-created with the local community, our retreats are locally-sourced, Earth-conscious, grown out of the place.

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Regenerative by nature

We believe in-tact ecosystems and diverse cultural heritage are the most precious — and vulnerable — gifts of our time.

As travel to emerging destinations expands, our platform helps to ensure this growth is community-led and inclusive — giving voice to those who may never accessed tourism dollars before, and proving that tourism can act as a meaningful alternative to resource extraction.

We acknowledge travel still has its costs, even if well-intended. We commit 5% of profits — the highest in the industry — to seeding local 'destination stewardship councils’ and supporting local-led conservation.

Traveling has always been a huge part of my life, but nothing compared to the unique, two week experience that Earthtones crafted for us in Northern Vietnam. Never would I have thought that these experiences could have been possible, but Justin and the Earthtones team listened so attentively to our desires as travelers, matching the experience to our interests simply perfectly. The highlight was a small town on the border of China and Vietnam, in a small village, where we stayed on a traditional cinnamon farm. We spent our days traveling on bikes through the mountains, helping carve the cinnamon bark off trees, and spending time with our host family, who took us around nearby villages and facilitated our engagement with the local community. These were moments that we couldn't even have imagined, and they touched us deeply. We were able to cook and eat dinner with local families, where we were truly guests rather than visitors. I don't think I will ever be able to travel again without Earthtones, because nothing will simply compare to such an amazing experience that was created for more

Jenna H.

Vietnam, 2018

Earthtones arranged an amazing journey to Iceland for myself and a group of friends. We wanted to experience Iceland in a unique way, but despite the country's increasing popularity, it's actually hard to plan a unique experience beyond Reykjavik and some other well known places. We wanted the real deal, and to feel the heart of the place, and Earthtones delivered. We ventured north into the fjords of Ísafjörður, sailing and backcountry skiing in remote and overlooked communities, tasting the local foods and making amazing new friends (Westfjorders were extremely friendly and English was widely-spoken, which definitely helps). I highly recommend Earthtones for bringing to life an outdoorsy and nature-fueled more

Alejandro A.

Iceland, 2019

Absolute legend! Earthtones planned an end-to-end journey to Indonesia. Deep into the Balinesian forests, throughout the beautiful southern coast of Uluwatu, and sprawled along the quiet beaches of Lovina, we covered it all. Earthtones' ability to interact with local communities facilitated an experience unlike any journey I've embarked on. We found ourselves in the most scenic landscapes, surrounded by wonderful people, in such an energetically powerful place. To this day, when I start thinking of what my next journey will be, Earthtones will be the first place I start. I would do it all again 1,000 times over. Thank you for your exceptional service! more

Lucas L.

Bali, 2019

We couldn't have been luckier to have Earthtones as our wayfinder throughout Ireland and Iceland. An unbelievably high-touch service provider, they curated and planned everything perfectly. Earthtones' ability to navigate through tourist traps to give you a taste of the underlying culture and an appreciation for the "way-out-there" places (an Icelandic fjord on a whim to find a magical, snowmelt swimming pool at the top) is second to none. Beyond being a service provider, Earthtones' love of travel is infectious. Do yourself the favor of not hesitating and task Earthtones with the heavy lifting.,read more

Corey S.

Ireland, 2019

The ultimate experience concierge — Earthtones organized a trip to Alaska for me and my friends and it was probably the most memorable experience of my life. The epic Don Sheldon hut (before it turned into a feature of in-flight magazines) housed us and offered the most spectacular scenery in the region around Denali — the magnificent Ruth Amphitheater. Earthtones took care of everything and has the experience of a well-travelled adventurer that's hard to find anywhere else. Highly worthwhile!read more

Jan J.

Alaska, 2020

    What makes us different?

    Our retreats and journeys are co-created and empowered by the host community, designed to celebrate the local people and natural ecosystem.


    Our experiences are designed in collaboration with the local community, so they deeply reflect the place and people.


    These experiences are a journey into nature. They present opportunities to slow down, to learn, and to connect.


    We dedicate 5% of our profits to seeding Destination Stewardship Councils and local conservation & revitalization efforts.