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While it may sound like a tourism brochure cliché, Turkey really is a curious mix of the west and the east—you may swear you were in a Balkan country or in Greece when in northwestern and western parts of the country (except that Byzantine-influencedchurches are substituted with Byzantine-influenced mosques), which are indeed partly inhabited by people from Balkan countries. It can be simply put that Turkey is the most oriental of western nations, or, depending on the point of view, the most occidental of eastern nations.
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Antalya, Turkey by Mahir Uysal
Ürgüp, Turkey by Ridwan Meah

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I am an independent Filmmaker and Photographer with a passion for travel, discovery and a great story. I love to create amazing and captivating content while traveling to the most inspiring locations.I am currently based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
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I'm a world traveler who is passionate about sustainable travel, gastronomy, and the intersection between art and science.I bring this passion to each journey I help create.
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