Katmai bear viewing - Brooks Falls

Having lived in Alaska for 15 years, I can't believe it took me this long to go see the brown bears of Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park.  Accessed only by float/sea plane, this incredible experience is well worth the cost and time invested!  The walk from the lake to the falls is well-constructed trail and boardwalk, and it's super common to encounter bears along the way!  There are two viewing platforms at the falls - one at the  main falls and one just downstream - there were a solid 30 bears fishing in front of us!  Heck, watching the salmon swim upstream and jump the falls is interesting on its own - add bears to the mix and it's just plain fascinating!  Truly an experience not to miss!  There are plenty of ways to extend a trip as well - either by staying the night in the campground or lodge, and/or by adding an excursion into nearby Ten Thousand Smokes for a day or overnight trip.d description here

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