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From the proud lion parents taking their cubs out for a morning stroll, to the sparring session of two energetic male giraffes, there is never a dull moment as I become acquainted with the fascinating wildlife living in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa.


Zebras are social herd animals with very strong eyesight. Their black and white stripes help them to keep safe, by confusing predators into seeing one large animal rather than individuals as they all blend together.

Wildebeest travel long distances through Eastern Africa each year to coincide with the annual pattern of rainfall and grass growth.

Two hyenas have a standoff in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

Cheetahs like to sit on termite mounds for a better view of the plain. These two cheetahs are brothers, lazily yawning in the sun.

The apparent affection here between these two male giraffes is in fact a sparring session.

One moment a lion shows us his sharp teeth, the next he reveals his ‘inner cub’ as he becomes fixated on a little butterfly passing by.

South Africa

A family of lionesses hunt and nuzzle together.


In the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, I photographed two lionesses with tiny cubs, out walking early in the morning. The lions were avoiding walking through the grass as it was still wet from the night before. I was in the safari jeep with my driver, and we slowly and carefully followed the lions and stopped the vehicle to let them walk past us.

It was a very moving, emotional and profound experience for me to see these lion cubs up close for the first time.

The smallest lion cub was less adventurous than his siblings and always stayed close to the lionesses.

In an iconic scene from East Africa, above you can see an elephant in the foreground and the snow capped Mt Kilimanjaro in the background. While the mountain is in Tanzania across the border, it can be viewed clearly from Amboseli in Kenya.

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David Lazar

A travel photographer and musician from Brisbane, who loves to capture moments of life, beauty and culture through photography.

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