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I was born with a passion for the map's blank spaces. Exploring them is where I feel most alive and am filled with the greatest sense of wonder and intrigue for the world around.As Nabokov once said..."nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in spring.” Shall we go forth?
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Jenna recommends Justin
May 2020
In 2018, I worked with Justin to plan a trip to Vietnam for two weeks. Traveling has always been a huge part of my life, but nothing compared to the unique experience that Justin created for us in Northern Vietnam. Not only did he find accommodations for aspects of the trip that we were interested in, but he created provided us with experiences that we couldn't have even imagined. The best part of the trip was a small town on the border of China and Vietnam, in a small village , where we stayed on a cinnamon farm. We spent our days traveling on scooters through the mountains, helping carve the cinnamon bark off trees, and spending time with our host family, who took us around the local town and let us engage with the community. Never would I have thought that these experiences could have been possible, but Justin listened so attentively to our interests and desires as travelers, and curated a trip that fit our interests so perfectly. He even connected us with other companies, including one that created cooking experiences with people local to these areas, and we were able to cook and eat dinner with the family in the heart of Hanoi. I don't think I will ever be able to travel again without untrodden, because nothing will compare to the amazing experience that Justin created for us.read more
Hari recommends Justin
Dec 2019
Justin is a passionate outdoor lover, adventurer with a good soul. He is an empathetic listener who really seeks to understand what his clients are seeking and match the best experience. 4 years ago, Justin helped my friends and I, passionate powderhounds who love the Sierra Nevada, find what would become our home away from home, our sanctuary, our happy place. He was able to connect with a woman who owns a large ranch property, nestled along the Carson River, and helped us arrange for a season-long lease of her family cottage. This place is paradise and is fuel for the soul in my weekly pilgrimage to the mountains. Justin keenly listened to our needs, to be close to our favorite ski resorts, to be remote, to be in a place with character that matches our spirits, and found a gem. He was also consistent in following up with his, helping us liase and communicate with the owner, and provided ongoing support to ensure that we continued to have a great mountain experience. We are now going on our 4th year leasing this property and this experience would not have been possible without Justin's support. Can't wait to lean on him again for future adventures!read more
Ale recommends Justin
Dec 2019
Justin curated an amazing trip to Iceland for myself and a group of friends. We wanted to experience Iceland in a unique way, but despite the country's increasing popularity (due to eg easy flights from the west coast) it's actually hard to plan a unique experience beyond Reykjavik and some other well known places. We wanted the real deal and Justin delivered. We ventured north into the fjords of Ísafjörður, sailing and backcountry skiing in places few others have even been, tasting the local foods and making amazing friends (everybody does speak english which definitely helps). I highly recommend for Justin for curating your next tripread more
Jan recommends Justin
Dec 2019
The ultimate adventure concierge - Justin organized a trip to Alaska for me and my friends and it was probably the most memorable experience of my life. The epic Don Sheldon hut (before it turned into a feature of in-flight magazines) housed us and offered the most spectacular scenery in the Denali range - the magnificent Amphitheatre. Justin took care of everything and has the experience of a well-travelled adventurer that's hard to find anywhere else. Highly worthwhile!
Susan recommends Justin
Dec 2019
Justin helped us organize a 2-week trip to Norway. He is a creative genius: he came up with the best combination of destinations and experiences we could imagine. To do so, he spent time listening to us and understanding our need, and we felt heard and listened to. He then offered us options for experiences and kept on refining the itinerary until it worked for our constraints and desires. Throughout the trip we felt grateful for his recommendations and for the tips he had shared with us. He was ready to help at any point. Thank you Justin for the memorable trip!
Arnau recommends Justin
Nov 2019
Justin is my go to expert to idéate and plan any outdoor expedition. Several years back I participated in one of his trips to Iceland. He put together for me and my trip companions an adventure that we didn’t even know existed. We stayed in a sailboat and navigated on the north shore of Iceland. Every day we used touring skis to climb up fjords and ski down into the next one where the sailboat would be waiting for us. It still is to this day one of the most memorable trips of my life. Justin relationship with the boat captain and the ski guide made the trip even more special and we felt like we were traveling with old friends. I can’t wait for the next trip!read more
Beth recommends Justin
Oct 2019
Justin was amazing! We had a flawless trip. His contacts on the ground, expertise, and understanding of our needs made this quite a great trip. We were met at every stopping point with local people who ushered us through customs/passport controls, helped with bags and logistics, and shared their joy at our visit to their locales. There were no time delays and no problem that couldn't be fixed by our support people. Justin worked with our budget to phase our travel from more rustic accommodations to increasingly upscale camps as the trip wore on. The guides and trackers were all perfect. They were from local villages, were well versed in animal behavior and tracking, were respectful of us as well as the animals and villagers we visited, and shared the best of their worldview with warmth and joy. They ensured that we never had too many people/vehicles at any site to observe wildlife. There was much singing and dancing upon arrival to camps and leaving. The food and accommodations were just splendid, and the surprise bush campfire dinners and lunches were designed to mix things up. In one camp the menu for dinner was described to us in English and then in the local "click" language, enriching our understanding of who they are and the animation from the language. I will recommend Justin and Untrodden to anyone who wants to travel off the beaten path. Thank you Justin.read more